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  • Martin Mclean

Top 5 Things to look for in a new Laptop

1. Business Grade Hardware. Yes, there is such a thing! Most computer companies such as HP, Dell and Lenovo, build two system types. One that is aimed at the everyday consumer and one that is designed for businesses. The everyday consumer systems are priced and designed to last a minimum of one year. The business systems however, are more robust and are priced and designed to last a minimum of three years.

2. Accessibility to support. If you purchase a laptop that meets the attributes of the other

laptops in your business model, it is far easier and more cost effective for Redease to

support it.

3. Lightweight and ease of conveyance. One very important point to remember is that your

laptop should not be a replacement for a desktop computer. A laptop is designed for its

portability; therefore it needs to be powerful yet lightweight. If you find that you require

additional power, hard drive space etc, RedEase can equip you with a docking station.

4. A long lasting battery. It is redundant to have a laptop if you always have to be plugged in. In this day and age a laptop should be able to last anywhere from six to nine hours on a full charge. Any less than this then you are better off with a desktop, any more than this and you are paying for stats that are not being honest with you.

5. Your laptop needs to be cool. Buy the best one that you can afford whilst retaining its

practicality. Use it in ways that pay for itself, and enjoy life!