RedEase Microdefense is a cybersecurity company located in Calgary and Red Deer, Alberta.

We focus on helping companies protect their computer systems from internal and external cyber threats. We use a combination of technology tools and computer support.

Our Goal

“Our goal is to provide a computer support product that is more effective than any other solution could provide—even more effective than hiring a full-time IT person. We’ve developed technologies that help us do this.”

Matt Edwards
President, RedEase

Our Mission

RedEase began as a computer support company, and we remain true to that part of our business. Our mission is to make computer support effective, affordable and reliable for all sizes of companies throughout Canada.

We aim to be dependable, trustworthy and to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Our Values

We value and strive to do business with companies who are:

  • Honest and fair
  • Wanting reliable computer systems
  • Interested in staying ahead of their competition

We want you to be able to run your business without worrying about your computer systems.