About Us

RedEase is a computer support company with offices in Red Deer and Calgary. We offer remote computer monitoring, onsite computer service, a technology help desk, computer sales and computer security services. We can represent you with all things technology, or depending on your size, can compliment your existing technology representatives to give you a comprehensive and redundant support system.

RedEase has been in business since 2010 and has a customer base throughout Alberta. RedEase customers, in turn, offer products and services throughout North America. RedEase has a large dental customer base and all RedEase employees are trained in dental IT.

Our mission is to make computer support effective, affordable and reliable for all sizes of companies. We aim to be dependable, trustworthy and to deliver the best customer experience possible. We value and strive to do business with companies who are: honest and fair, wanting reliable computer systems, and are interested in staying ahead of their competition.