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RedEase, established in 2010, is a Red Deer based IT company with offices in Calgary and Edmonton.  Our goal is to be the preeminent IT company in Canada; and to bring higher value and growth to your business by providing care and attention through ongoing support, maintenance and guidance.

Matthew Edwards - President

What makes us unique

Over the years, IT services have moved from human interactions towards cloud-based and virtual solutions. RedEase offers support through a human approach in a traditionally antisocial industry. Cloud-based and virtual solutions limit the availability of local skilled resources. Our team of experts strives to provide excellent service by being responsive to each clients' needs. We look at IT as a proactive way to optimize small businesses' infrastructure and provide long-term results.  

Our company values and beliefs

RedEase values honesty and transparency with our clients and within our company. We act with integrity and accountability, and are a human centric focused company. We pride ourselves on being great at what we do.