RedEase combines technologies into business solutions.

Information Security

Encryption tools for keeping your data safe,
everywhere it travels


  • Onus Information Security
  • Onus Antivirus+
  • Interoffice Data Drive
  • Secure Emailer
  • File Drop

Everything your business needs to enjoy a smooth-operating ecommerce system

Intelligent Ecommerce

  • ShopCart
  • Experienz POS
  • EZ Retailer
  • EZ Warehouse
  • EZ Wholesaler
  • Escrow+
  • Membership+
  • Directory+


  • Hosted Financial Servers
  • Content Delivery Network Management
  • Hosted .NET Application Servers
  • High Speed WordPress Hosting
Intelligent Technology

Use the power of intelligent technology to optimize your business processes


  • Smart Websites
  • Smart Apps
  • Office Admin Toolkit
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Reports
Digital Footprint

Tools to help you enhance your online reputation

Smart Tools

  • SEO Made EZ
  • Social Media Made EZ