Basic Plan


24/7 Computer Security

  • Remote Help Desk at $95/hour
  • Onsite computer service at $95/hr

Plus Plan


24/7 Computer Security
Unlimited Remote Help Desk

  • Onsite Computer Service at $85/hr
  • Onsite Computer Networking at $85/hr

Premium Plan


24/7 Computer Security
Unlimited Remote Help Desk
Unlimited Onsite Computer Service

  • Onsite Networking — Wiring/Network equipment Troubleshooting — at $85/hr

Manage all of your devices and IT assets from one simple platform.

Our 24/7 Computer Security software installs as a tool on all computers that reports in real-time the health status of your computer. Using this we can fix computer issues in the background before you even notice them.

Our remote helpdesk and onsite support technicians are available to assist you with your technical problems between 8AM and 5PM MST.

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